Albus selected as showcase company at the ATS Respiratory Innovation Summit

We at Albus are excited to be selected as a showcase company at the ATS Respiratory Innovation Summit! Our CEO Mikesh Udani will give an oral presentation as he unveils how Albus’ patient-centred technology can transform respiratory care and clinical trials without patient burden. Mikesh looks forward to detailing how, using a combination of contactless sensors and advanced AI and DSP algorithms, Albus Home can continuously monitor over a dozen nocturnal parameters without anyone having to do or wear anything.

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News from the UCB Digital Health Incubator – Albus wins Jury Prize!

Albus is thrilled to announce that we were awarded UCB’s Jury Choice Award at the Demo Day hosted in Brussels at the start of 2024.

The investment of leading pharma companies into programs such as Digital Health Incubator highlights the industry’s need for better tools to enable seamless data collection in clinical trials. We are proud to lead the way in this direction and honoured to be recognised for our product. Monitoring nocturnal (nighttime) parameters with clinical accuracy can provide unprecedented insights into the health status of patients with chronic diseases – we are committed to unlocking this potential from a third of our lives, using a contactless passive device that does not pose any patient burden.


Albus Health joins the UCB Digital Care Transformation Incubator

Albus Health Joins Forces with UCB Digital Health Incubator Program

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the esteemed UCB Digital Health Incubator Program! We are excited to join forces with industry leaders to revolutionise patient care. Our contactless, multi-sensor platform is set to transform healthcare data collection, ensuring seamless monitoring without patient burden.

This partnership furthers our commitment to pioneering innovation in healthcare. Together with UCB, we are reshaping the future of patient care. Stay tuned for updates on our journey!


Albus Health joins AstraZeneca’s BioventureHub

Albus is pleased to announce it has joined the AstraZeneca BioVentureHub!

The BioVentureHub offers emerging life science companies and academic teams an innovative way to access AstraZeneca’s experience, expertise and infrastructure.
Embedded at the heart of AstraZeneca Gothenburg, BioVentureHub members become part of a unique, open and collaborative scientific community, with the same access to the facilities as AstraZeneca staff.

Our CEO Mikesh Udani and BioVentureHub CEO Magnus Björsne talk about Albus joining the BioVentureHub in the video linked below.



Digital Health Global Business Innovation Delegation visit to Texas.

Meet fifteen of Britain's most innovative digital health companies during their visit to Houston and Austin from Monday, May 6 through Friday, May 10, 2019. Companies will make presentations and offer one to one short business meetings during their visit. Providing products, tools and services across the healthcare sector for researchers, clinicians, educators and patients, Innovate UK Digital Health Global Business Innovation Program delegation companies seek to develop business and research partnerships, collaborations and connections with businesses, researchers and investors in Texas and beyond.