Data Annotator



Albus Health is a medical technology start-up that develops intelligent contactless monitoring systems that automatically monitor clinical symptoms at home. We are looking for engineers, scientists and alike to join us in our mission to improve lives of a billion people worldwide struggling with chronic conditions such as asthma and COPD.

Our potent combination of technical, clinical and commercial experts has allowed us to gain significant commercial traction in a relatively short duration. Our solution is now in use by some of the world’s most reputed pharma companies, universities and hospitals. We are preparing to scale up our operations domestically and overseas.

Albus has partnerships with top hospitals in the UK and some of Europe’s best clinicians. We have been running multiple carefully selected clinical studies and trials for several years, and as a result, acquired a wealth of data. This data will be instrumental to further advance our technology and to continue extracting valuable insights that would prevent emergencies and deaths for people struggling with chronic conditions.

Albus spun out from the Department of Engineering and Respiratory Medicine at Oxford University back in 2017 and have since then won multiple wards (including AI in Health and Care Award by UK’s Health Secretary and UK Research and Innovation). Albus is firmly backed with multi-million pounds investment, and we are now looking to expand our technical team in Oxford to develop new products and solutions that can operate at a global scale.



Our Albus Home device records patients nocturnally in order to capture possible symptoms of respiratory diseases, such as coughs. As a data annotator, you will be required to screen data collected by Albus Health’s monitoring device and to tag the audio with meaningful labels, to improve the performance of our current system.

On a typical day, you will be assigned some particular recording session, typically referred as ‘nights’ with which to annotate using the digital audio tool called Audacity. Training on how to use both Audacity, and to identify different types of respiratory conditions will be provided.

Working days and hours for this position are flexible, though our expectation and preference is that you will come in several hours a day most days of the week and complete the annotation of a recording session (“night”) every few hours of work.

We are looking for candidates that are happy to commit to this position for at least two months, and we will expect to receive two-week notice of your intentions to stop. For this role, you will be required to keep a record of the time worked and you will be paid £12.50 per hour within 30 days from the end of each month.



  • Attend sessions in a reliable and timely manner, be well organised and self-motivated to meet upcoming deadlines
  • Be able to concentrate on audio-visual tasks for extended periods of time
  • High attention to detail
  • Basic computer skills



  • Flexible zero-hours contract to adapt to your availability
  • All required IT equipment provided
  • Tea and coffee facilities